Saturday, April 19, 2008

CallServ Corporation

Callserv Corporation, is a fast growing 24X7 Philippine-based contact center and customer support service provider to local and international based companies. We aim to assist clients to realize minimum investments can attain maximum productivity. With our expertise in cutting edge technology paired with zealous and dedicated staff we never care less of what’s already there but to improve on what others don’t perceive.

We provide a unique spectrum of fully-integrated IT offshore networking and consulting services that are dedicated to successfully navigate international corporations through the most mission-critical stages of their call center and other IT outsourcing venture. We have been able to develop an approach that achieves this goal with superior consistency. It not only includes an unparalleled knowledge of our industry, but also a keen understanding of cross-cultural issues involved, a high degree of technological know-how and a strong orientation towards unreserved client servicing.

To maintain this service level, we have built our business around sophisticated quality management concepts, incorporating rigorous processes and robust consulting checks and balances that ultimately help secure timely, reliable and high quality results.

Above all, our partnering approach strongly emphasizes a close collaboration with our clients and network vendors through all the stages of any IT offshore venture. We therefore, are best positioned to help corporations leverage the benefits of external expertise and resources, while also creating a significant comparative cost advantage.


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